Introducing Me

Well, hello there! Welcome to my little corner of cyberspace, I’m really glad you could make it 🥰 I have to admit, even though I’ve had blogs before and filled all sorts of corners of the Internet with my ramblings, this time feels a little scarier. A little more official. A little less the kind of thing you can leave dusty for months, which is something I have a habit of. Maybe it’s because this website I own now, has my name on it? I don’t know. There’s something about the fact that this slice of cyberspace will be mine in perpetuity, for as long as I work in the public eye, that kind of hits me in the chest.

But then again, so does the idea of having a profile. Of growing into a ‘public figure’ whose name can be Googled and work researched . It feels extra strange, considering I grew up as the kid who struggled with making friends at school, was often left off the invite list and sometimes even had to eat lunch alone. The contrast between where I was then, even four years ago in Year 12, to now is enough to make my head spin. And I keep being told this is only the beginning, although my imposter syndrome has a hard time believing that one!

I’m a successful freelance writer and disability advocate who has had work published by ABC Everyday, Hireup, Go-To, Careers With STEM and many other publications. You can check out that list on my Writing page. When I was 15, I worked at Mamamia for a year (a crash course in what lies behind the perceived glitz and glamour of a news organisation that takes cues from the cut-throat brutality of the 24 hour news cycle) as a Junior Editorial Assistant, and I believe I still hold the record for the youngest person that company has ever employed 😱 My insides are twisting uncomfortably at the thought of acknowledging my achievements but here we are…

I’m also the Editor in Chief of the brand new publication platform Missing Perspectives which aims to address the marginalisation of women and girls in news, media, democracy and decision making on a global scale. Even though I’ve only been at this job a month, building something from the ground up and getting the opportunity to provide space for the stories of women and girls around the world, many of whom have lives that feel eons away from mine, is teaching me so much. We’ve talked about all sorts of things so far, covering everything from issues of race and disability, to period poverty, climate justice, domestic violence and the education of women and girls. This is only the beginning for us and I can’t wait to share all of the plans our team has, when the time comes.

Something else I’m really proud of is my campaign in collaboration with, petitioning for Disney Studios to create a Disabled Disney Princess, launched in December of last year. The petition has over 37,000 signatures from around the world and has attracted the attention of several high profile people including Jake Tapper, Martha Hunt, Jameela Jamil, Jodi Picoult, Neil Gaiman, Sterling K. Brown, Brandi Carlile and even DISNEY LEGEND HIMSELF, MARK HAMILL!!!

It’s true that I’m doing a lot of cool things, wearing many hats. But when you strip all of that away, I’m the girl who writes love letters, throws solo dance (and karaoke parties), and lives by the Nora Ephron quote “Everything is copy”. I cheer out loud when a movie I’ve been waiting for comes out or a song I can’t wait to add to my jukebox drops. I make playlists for the people I care about and believe strongly that there’s no such thing as too many compliments. I’m the girl who’ll pass a complete stranger and say something nice because for all I know, that could be the only reason they’ve had to smile all day. My teeth chatter when I’m nervous or cold and I cry a lot.

I still have the stuffed toys of my childhood in my bookcase and am more likely to know the words of a TV show’s theme song, from when I was little, then I am to remember any of high school maths. I wear my heart on my sleeve, even though I’ve tried to convince it, that it needs a more protected place to live. I’m a hopeless romantic, a daydreamer and someone who will always believe in the power of pure imagination. The girl who always has a book on the go, and multiple songs in her head. Who would happily write essays on Taylor Swift, Harry Styles or Queen and Fleetwood Mac. When you give me the AUX cord, you never know what might come out; anything from Wheatus to Dean Martin. But above all, I’m a person who’s fascinated by stories. By capturing moments and pinning them down. This website is going to be a scrapbook of all the things I love, am passionate about, believe need more attention or are important for people to hear, no matter what. I hope you enjoy flicking through my scrapbook over the coming months.

Love, Hannah x

Published by hannahdiviney

Hi! I'm a writter and disability advocate from Sydney, Australia

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